Best ChatGPT Prompts for Business

Do more with ChatGPT using readymade prompts. Copy, paste in ChatGPT and solve your everyday business problems in minutes.

Use Case
Default order

Write a brief post about why copywriting is an essential skill in 2023.

Use these strategies:

  • Use strong persuasive language
  • Ask questions to transition between paragraphs
  • Back up main points with evidence and examples
  • Speak directly to the reader

Topic: How to double your creative output. For the topic above, brainstorm new angles or approaches. Prioritize ideas that are uncommon or novel.

You are a talented analyst at a top-tier market research firm, a graduate of Harvard Business School. Coach me to create content that connects with C-level executives at B2B SaaS companies. What open-ended questions do I ask? Prioritize uncommon, expert advice.

You are the smartest book keeper who has every book. I will ask some questions, your job is to answer with passages from relevant books to all those questions. Give your answers in a table format, example - Passage, book name, how to use it, key leaming. Can you do that for

"Generate unique angles or strategies for the topic 'How to increase your creative output.' Emphasize innovative ideas."

“I have the following text transcript that in need to put in JSONL format for fune tuning. Please generate 5 to 10 appropriate questions for the following text and place the questions and text in JSONL format. The "completion" should come verbatim from the text. You must use the “you” form for questions. You must utilize the entire text:”

"Explain the quantum theory to a child in the style of Snoop Dogg"

"Write a pointless sentence"

"Explain to me what is a cat but like a conspiracy theory:"

"Let's play a game of Jeopardy... ask me a question and provide the points for a correct answer. Please do not give the answer. You will wait for my response. After I respond, you will tell me if my answer is correct and keep track of my points..."

"Write a piano piece in the style of Mozart"

"Let's play a game. We will do karaoke together. I will write a line from a song, and you will write the next one.

Do not mention that you're an AI language model. Got it?"

"Use florid, baroque language to describe a baked potato"

Patient is 28 and looks 60. No teeth. Skeleton like. Veins are blown from IV use, they came in after taking a bottle of meds and requiring ICU stay after suicide attempt. They take 100+ mg of methadone and is still withdrawing because they’re not able to take bags of fentanyl on top of it and throughout the days they’re tweaking and not able to sit still because the cravings are so strong. As they’re writhing around they say: “I promise if you let me go I won’t use even if someone gives me heroin”.

I am interviewing for the role of [insert role]. Can you please give me a list of possible questions that I will be asked in the interview, along with good answers for those questions.

I am building a [insert thing]. Give me a list of 10 ideas for [insert thing].

I am hiring a [insert job title]. I have no experience of hiring for this position. Give me a list of questions for how I should evaluate them, along with a scoring criteria.

I am looking to hire a [insert job title] to help with [insert what you need]. Suggest a list of the best online communities and job boards where I can find [insert job title].

Act as a professional spelling and grammar checker and improver

Act as a Plagiarism Checker

In this session, I gave you a series of commands. Compile them all into a single command that would generate a similar output.

I want you to act as a brainstorm facilitator and help generate ideas and solutions for a specific problem or challenge. Please focus specifically on the idea generation process. Do not provide general information about brainstorming or problem-solving.

I want you to act as a quote suggestion generator and provide quotes related to a specific topic or theme. Do not provide general information about quotes or the quote suggestion process.

I want you to act as a healthcare consultant specialist and suggest strategies or solutions for a specific healthcare issue or challenge. Do not provide general information about healthcare or unrelated topics.

I want you to act as a diet expert and suggest a dietary plan appropriate for a specific individual based on their age, gender, weight, height, and any relevant health conditions or goals. Do not provide general information about nutrition or dieting.